Giving Back


We started Fawn & Foster after becoming foster parents ourselves and realizing the incredible need for foster children throughout the U.S.  We created this baby brand in order to donate 50% of the profits to nonprofits who directly help foster children.


The nonprofits we give to provide: 

  • Backpacks filled with essential items to children entering foster care
  • Organize & run FREE clothing and donation centers for children and families in foster care
  • Provide support to foster and adoptive families via meals, services, support groups
  • Provide free tickets to games, camps and family-friendly outings to help foster children connect and feel loved and a sense of belonging
  • Create professional videos for children who need adopting out of foster care to help them find their forever homes
  • Help teens aging out of the foster care system to become successfull adults


Our Giving Partners are the nonprofits who receive 50% of our profits. They are listed below along with some information about what they do and how they help foster children: 


America's Kids Belong

AKB's mission and ultimate goal is to end the foster care crisis in the US - state by state. They have created two beautiful and important initiatives that help children in foster care. The "I Belong Project" is a program that uses high quality videography to give children in foster care, who are legally free for adoption and are waiting for a forever family, a face and a voice. The "Dream Makers" initiative is a program that inspires and impacts youth who are aging out of the foster care system by offering guidance and giving them an opportunity to dream about their future. Over 23,000 teens age out of foster care each year in the US.



Dream Makers

"Every year 23,000 teens exit the foster care system without a family to help them transition into adulthood. These youth were removed from their families, having experienced neglect, abuse, or abandonment. Dream Makers helps remove barriers that stand in the way of the empowered , connected lives these youth dream of having." We are honored to join with Dream Makers to help serve the teens aging out of foster care🖤  


 Foster the Love Minnesota

"Fostering connection through Foster & First families. The number one goal as foster parents is to not only provide for the child, but also support reunification to the child(ren)'s first family." Through our partnership with Foster the Love Minnesota, we provide funds which helps them to create Placement Bags. Placement Bags are individualized backpacks or bags that social workers give to foster children, which include essential items + a stuffed animal and blanket, when they enter a foster home. From Foster the Love Minnesota's website: "We have seen, heard, and experienced story after story of children showing up on the doorstep of a foster home with a trash bag in their hands. It breaks our hearts. This sends the message that they are disposable, that no one cares. We want them to know they are loved & they are worth more than a trash bag! We hope these young ones feel that in some small way through these placement bags."


 Foster Love Project

"We seek to provide love in action to foster children as well as support to the foster families who are providing care for them. We operate a free donation center for kids in foster care to come shop for free. We have also provided thousands of placement bags to kids moving into foster care to ensure that they have a bag of belongings to get them started. We also help provide beds, baby gear, camp scholarships, sports equipment + much more. We are committed to love and dignity for kids in foster care."


 Safe Haven Foster Shoppe

Safe Haven Foster Shoppe exists to support foster children being placed in Minnesota and western Wisonsin. They deliver placement bags filled with new items directly to the foster home or child protection office. They recently opened a storefront in downtown Lindstrom, MN, that offers the option for foster children to come in and shop for their own items and build their own placement bag. They believe every child deserves something new to call their own and that no child should enter foster care empty handed.